You can’t be more fortunate, if you are able to witness the beautiful sunrise. It seems so vivid and fresh, as if all the adversities of yesterday have disappeared into oblivion. The atmosphere is full of positive and happy vibes, as if, all the negativity has vanished. Crystal clear water of the river reflecting the sunlight, as if it’s trying to instill all the qualities of the sun. We have a lot to learn from the sunrise. No matter how dark, the night is, next day, the sun will rise, gulping in all the darkness and emitting the rays of bright light. Life is so similar to this! No matter, how bad your predicaments are, the rays of happiness will come for sure! It’s just on it’s way. Till then, embrace your predicaments. For when, the happiness comes the next morning, you’ll be a totally different person.

Wake up before the sunrise, pray to god for this beautiful life, watch the sun rise, experience this pure bliss, breathe in the positivity and notice your life getting changed for good. Amen!


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