Writing my thoughts out in the form of poetry (My writing handle on instagram is writer_aadi) has immensely helped me. Now, I am a completely different person than I was at the inception of my writing journey. You get to know the real you, your purpose, your passion, your dreams, while you are writing, as you are doing nothing, but just pouring down your emotions. It’s like pulling the thoughts out from your mind which were stuck in the corner for a while. I feel writing is like meditation, where you just concentrate on your thoughts, getting disconnected from the outer world, communicating with the inner self. I believe that one should start or end their day scribbling/writing about themselves, no matter whether you are pro at it or not, no matter what language you use. You just have to write. You just have to pour your thoughts out! That’s it! Everything else doesn’t matter much



8 thoughts on “WHY YOU SHOULD WRITE?

    1. Sure! I just read your posts and I’ll have to say, that you are pretty good at this! Just keep writing daily and you shall conquer the art of it with time. I am doing the same & you must have also heard that, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’!
      God bless!


      1. Thank you I don’t know what to say very happy to meet like you. Thanks dear friend of mine. Read my posts and then tell me where there is mistake according to your knowledge and experience…


  1. I so agree! 🙂
    Writing my jumbled up thoughts always makes me feel better. In 2019, I am definitely paying the attention it deserves. I have been careless 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. ❤

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