I often hear people saying, ‘I am fed up of this life’, ‘I am giving up on this life’, ‘My life is valueless and I am good for nothing’. My question to them is, have you ever seen someone on life support machines in a hospital? I mean, they are anxiously willing to live more, each and every second is super precious for them. Just think of them, and now reassess the value of your life. Magic, right? The value of your life increased multifold times in just a few seconds and be assured of it getting even more increased by the end of this article.

We often consider our life invaluable in front of money, success, respect, etc. I have seen people giving up on life due to such petty things. You have to understand that these all are just a part of life. Life is much more than this. Even a billion trillion bucks remain meaningless on the death bed. This is the value of your life. Money is too small a unit to define it’s value. Life is a huge set, of which money is just a mini subset. You just have one life which you will never get again. Live it to the fullest. Do everything that you have ever dreamt of and do it now as life is full of uncertainties. You never know what happens, the very next moment. A wise man once said, ‘I can accept failure, but I cannot accept not trying’. Wake up in the morning without any regrets, thank god for blessing you with this beautiful morning, for, not everyone get this opportunity.

You have to understand that you are accumulating wealth, not just for the sake of accumulating it, but for using it to fulfill your dreams. If you have always dreamt of travelling, pack your bags and go on a trip. If pursuing any sort of art was your dream, now is the time. If the dream of hiking a mountain didn’t let you sleep, go now and have a sound sleep on the mountains. Do all those things which you are passionate of, which gives you happiness. For, while doing those things, you will be creating memories, which you will cherish for years to come. Now, as, we are approaching towards the end, you might have understood that the real purpose of life is, not to earn money, not to achieve great heights, but, to create beautiful memories.


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  1. I can understand why this one’s your favourite.
    I like it very much and it’s important to set things into relation to value them. Absolutely agree and it’s written in a motivational manner rather than judging, which I like most, so it gives the reader a positive kick in the butt to count their blessings, visualise their dreams and then go for it. Thanks for sharing this positive motivation! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for reading! We often outweigh our weaknesses and risks rather than our strengths and opportunities! Harsh reality of human nature. Do you agree? So, something like this was the need of the hour to motivate people to value their life, their time!


      1. I absolutely agree, what I’m interested in is, why is that so? Is that also because we can only understand life in retrospect but have to live it forwards?
        But yes, being reminded and motivated to take a step out of this carousel was pretty much needed! more of that please.

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