“How different your life would be if, you stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people, you encounter? Let today be the day, you look for the good in everyone you meet and respect their journey.”
Steve Maraboli

There are certain people who always judge others. You also must have also stumbled upon such people. So, this post is dedicated to all those armchair critics (for those of you, who don’t know, armchair critics are the class of people that are overly critical of others, yet vehemently intolerant of any criticisms directed towards them)
Hello, armchair critics! I know it must be very normal for you to judge someone, as you just have to speak few words and that too without applying much of your brain! So, yeah it must be a source of entertainment for you. But, do you have any idea, what the person, whom you are judging has gone through or is going through? No, right? Then, how can you even judge them? Do you know how’d they be feeling after reading/listening to your judgmental thoughts? Do you even have any idea, how much they’d be cursing themselves on you pointing out their flaws to them publicly.

Screenshot (2)

See, I am totally in favor of any kind of healthy criticism and of letting someone know about their flaws and weaknesses, but it becomes petrifying, when that criticism becomes a habit and when it comes more out of jealousy rather than concernedness. That hurts the most! So, Please never judge others for just sheer entertainment of yours as it might lead them to give up on their goals, which they must have dreamt for years, which they must have caressed with tears. Start appreciating them for their positive qualities. Be positive, happy and also spread positivity around you. Don’t see your team mates as your competition, instead work with them in coordination. As, competition always lead to jealousy, that further leads to negative criticism and the cycle goes on. Try doing this and see your life getting changed within few days, as you might have heard ‘You get what you give’

P.S : Law of karma work wonders

“We’ve spent so much time judging what other people created that we’ve created very, very little of our own.”
Chuck Palahniuk


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