“Do not confuse my bad days as a sign of  my weakness. Those are actually the days I am fighting my hardest”


Bad days are a blessing in disguise to make you smart, intelligent and wise. Well, I can prove that, it is indeed, a blessing in disguise. It makes us stronger by heart, as our heart’s broken so many times during that phase and more importantly, it’s broken by the one’s whom you thought were close to your heart. It helps us differentiate amongst the real and fake people in our life as the fake people would leave your hand and let you drown in the stormy waves and real one’s would always stay by your side.

Had there been no cloudy days, we wouldn’t have valued the sunshine. Same goes with this, we wouldn’t have valued the good days without facing the bad one’s. Almost every successful personality have been through their bad phase and the thing to be highlighted is that, they give the whole credit of their success to the bad phase of their life.

Here are the few examples. Click on their names to read about their struggle to success and trust me, you’ll be a different person altogether after reading this.  

Ok, enough of proving bad days to be a sugar, rapped in a sour coating. Now, let’s throw some light upon how to deal with these gloomy days! First things first, days, bad or good is just a state of mind. If you stop giving a f*** about what people think of you, it’ll just be like any other normal day. I totally recommend you all to read this book to master the art of not giving a f**k. Ignorance acts as a boon at this point of time in life as one gets to hear a lot of sarcastic comments by the creepy jealous people, who are the happiest people on the planet, especially after witnessing your failure.

Even if the time’s getting difficult every hour, just remember this, “With each passing minute, the night was getting darker, but also, the sun was getting ready to rise”


You have to believe that you are the best. Even if the society is not able to recognize your talent, it’s their fault, not yours! It doesn’t make you less talented. You aren’t liable to answer anyone, but you.

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